Kali DuganAccounts Payable Specialist

    What was your first job? How did you get it or learn about it?

    My first job was working for the family business.  I started in the third grade, riding with my mother to the seven locations and picking up the deposits from each safe.  We would then take them home, count them, and prepare the bank deposit.  I was so excited when by the fifth grade, I was allowed to start counting the tens and twenties, not just the ones and fives.  From there, I began working at one of the locations throughout high school.

    What do you like most about living in Southwest Washington?

    I currently live quite far east of Vancouver, in a smaller town. It is only a 2 minute drive from either the Columbia, or the local river. There is almost no traffic, the weather is great and everyone is friendly and helpful, although, we could use a bowling alley. The PNW is absolutely a beautiful area to live in.

    What do you like to do for fun?

    I love to cook! I am no gourmet chef, by any means, but the process of tossing a ton of ingredients together and having a final product that is delicious, is one of my favorite activities. I also enjoy hiking, rafting, going to the gym or sitting in my yard, doing absolutely nothing but watching bugs fly by.

    Get in touch!

    kdugan@workforcesw.org | 360.567.3184

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