Darcy HoffmanDirector of Business Services

What WSW project/initiative that you have worked on is your favorite? Why?

I’m super excited about the work we’re doing to improve job quality for SW Washington businesses, employees and job seekers.  This is a long-term strategy that’s guided by our new strategic plan and I’m excited to work on something that I believe will make things better for both businesses and employees/job seekers.

What do you like most about living in Southwest Washington?

I’ve lived in SW Washington since I was 10 years old… and I’ll probably never leave! I moved from Vancouver to Ridgefield last winter and I absolutely love it!  I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where everyone is so friendly!  There’s always someone taking their dog for a walk to have a chat with or neighbors to consult with on what types of trees and bushes we should be planting.  I’m excited to see how Ridgefield changes and look forward to some more restaurants and breweries.

What do you like to do for fun or what hobbies do you have?

The pandemic sort of forced me into cooking more, and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve also gotten really good at pellet grilling in the last few months.  Ribs are my specialty!  We also have a new puppy that I absolutely love to pieces!  My older dog is none too pleased with our decision to bring this little guy home though.

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