Technology is here to stay. Because of this, the technology industry in our region is expected to grow 13% with 7,900 new jobs projected by 2031.

If you employ individuals in technology jobs, you may have noticed this rapid growth is creating a shortage of skilled and experienced workers to fill your jobs. Through a collaborative model, we work with businesses that hire technology workers to identify the gaps between the supply of skilled workers and business needs. We then developed a plan to direct and guide workforce system activities and investments to bring workforce supply and demand together. 

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Resources for Technology Companies

Technology Sector Report 2022 – This report is a state of the industry workforce in the areas served by WSW and its partners in the Columbia-Willamette Workforce Collaborative (CWWC).

Technology Workforce Plan 2017-2019 – Led by technology companies and the needs they identified, we created a regional workforce development plan with partners at CWWC.

Technology Video – Hear from some of Southwest Washington’s leaders in technology.

Workforce Plan

To address the need for qualified technical talent, WSW and its CWWC partners, in conjunction with industry, developed the “Technology Workforce Plan 2017-2019” with goals of:

  1.  Attract and cultivate more local, under-represented candidates in order to increase numbers and levels of diversity
  2. Develop tools and resources to increase access to information and training to help under-represented populations pursue careers in tech.
  3. Develop and share working models to increase hiring, retention and advancement of women and people of color

We meet quarterly with technology organizations to gather information and present on strategies and achievement of plan goals.

Partners in Innovation

WSW is engaged in local and regional initiatives to prepare the workforce for jobs in information technology, cybersecurity, software and digital technology.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses continue to recruit and hire employees. To help our local companies fill their positions with skilled workers, we have increased the use of technology for talent recruiting, job search and career opportunities. From virtual hiring events to online training and certification courses, we are meeting the needs of business in new ways. With a commitment to delivering an accessible and equitable workforce system, WSW is focusing on developing career pathways and connections for women and historically underserved communities. 

LinkedIn Learning

To increase the pool of skilled talent available to Southwest Washington companies, we have partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide short-term training in pre-designed career pathways that lead to skills local businesses tell us they need.

The following pathways are available for individuals living in Clark, Cowlitz or Wahkiakum counties in Washington state.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Project Management
  • Courses to prepare for CompTIA A+ and CompTIA A+ Network certifications
  • Agile Software Developer
  • SQL Developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Microsoft Office

Upon completion of the training, individuals are placed into WSW’s qualified talent pool and are available for local companies to interview and hire. For individuals interested in learning more, click here.

Companies wanting their existing Southwest Washington employees to learn these skills can enroll them for training.

If your company is hiring and looking for talent or wanting to train your current employees, contact us today!

Sean Moore is the Senior Project Manager – Healthcare & Technology for our Workforce SW Washington team. He works directly with Technology businesses in Clark, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties to identify investment opportunities for training and employment.

Prior to joining WSW’s team, Sean was the Regional Healthcare Business Solutions Consultant for WorkSource. He led the Healthcare sector team which worked with businesses to identify employment opportunities. The team also worked with job seekers interested in pursuing a healthcare career and connected them to jobs.

Sean is a graduate of Portland State University’s Business School, where he earned his B.S. in Business/Marketing. He spent several years working in the Pacific Islands before returning to the Northwest. He is a board member for the Bridgeview Resource Center, on several community advisory committees for the healthcare programs at Clark College and has a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion education and initiatives.

Sean Moore, Senior Project Manager – Healthcare & Technology


Reach out to Sean to schedule a meeting so you can learn about workforce development services for your technology business.

To get involved in our industry panel, receive notices of meetings, or learn more about resources for healthcare companies, contact Sean Moore, Senior Project Manager – Healthcare & Technology. Email Sean or call at 360.762.8569.

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