Young Adult Investments

As the workforce of the future, educating and training young adults is vitally important. We invest in community programs that empower young people to learn and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

Through real-world and on-the-job experiences, young people gain the knowledge and experience to be good employees.

Some of the programs Workforce Southwest Washington helped develop:

Apprenticeship Guide

Apprenticeship programs are stepping stones that allow a person to move into a new career, even if that person has little or no work experience in their chosen field.

Apprentices get paid to learn on-the-job as they receive valuable training and mentorship, further their education and develop the skills and knowledge that will help them become valued professionals.

We created our Apprenticeship Guide to help adults, youth, career counselors, parents, CTE directors, teachers and others find apprenticeship programs. It can also be used as a resource for businesses that are interested in starting their own apprenticeship programs.



In August 2018, WSW opened Next, Clark County’s first and only youth employment and training center. Next integrates education, job placement and training, housing support and other services in one place and provides young adults a space where they can feel safe and empowered, and build community and relationships.

Visit the website at

Next Strategic Plan Update 09-2019


When funding became available to help young people that had dropped out of high school, WSW brought together our partners and designed a program that helps them obtain a GED or high school diploma as well as occupational certificates in the construction trades, leadership skills and work experience. A collaboration between WSW, Partners in Careers, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity, WorkSource and Second Step Housing means the program covers not only education and training, but addresses additional barriers these young people face, like being homeless, not having food or needing to support children of their own.

Participants tour local companies and apprenticeship programs and learn about career pathways into the trades. The program culminates with participants building homes for two low-income families enrolled with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity.

For more information on our youth investments, contact Miriam Martin at

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