SummerWorks connects your business to young adults for 90-hour paid summer jobs.

The program provides your company with:

  • Qualified, prepared and motivated talent ages 16-21
  • Talent that is pre-screened to fit with your company and ready to start work
  • Young adults to assist with a diverse array of general tasks or project-based assignments

Hiring a young person for a summer job provides your company with a unique opportunity to invest in your future workforce and help create a trained and experienced candidate pool.

Your business could benefit in a number of ways:

  1. Staff professional development. Working with young people is an opportunity for your employees to develop their management, leadership and communications skills.
  2. Recruitment. Summer employment lets you see the abilities of potential candidates and train them to your standards.
  3. Engage an important audience. Your company’s participation increases awareness of your business with this potential customer base and talent pool.
  4. Gain a fresh perspective. Young employees can bring innovative and novel ways of thinking to your business.
  5. “Feel good” factor. Employee engagement could increase when they feel they’ve had a role in helping a young person succeed.

Investing your time, knowledge and expertise to help a young person learn the skills necessary to get and keep a job benefit our young adults, your business and the economy. That’s a pretty good ROI!

Click to watch a video about SummerWorks.

Contact Benton Waterous at or 360.567.3182.

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