Olympic Aero Services (OAS), an industry leading manufacturer and aviation engineering company with locations in Woodland and Olympia was seeking new employees with specific skills.

They wanted employees that could read drawings and diagrams, had the patience to assemble electronic components correctly, could work independently and would communicate well with engineers.

The company contacted WorkSource after Business Consultant Donna Hughes visited and toured the company with Scot Walstra of the Cowlitz Economic Development Council. The two organizations frequently partner to assist companies with workforce development.

After learning about and understanding the company’s workforce needs and challenges, Donna referred a veteran who was job seeking through WorkSource. The candidate had experience working on aircraft which made him a good fit for OAS’s requirements. The candidate was eligible for on-the-job training (OJT) funded through WorkSource as his prior employer had closed. OAS hired him as an Aero Space Technician and received reimbursement from WorkSource for a portion of his salary while he was being trained.

“WorkSource was instrumental in assisting us in finding candidates that met the criteria we were searching for in applicants,” said OAS Owner David Barton. “By working closely with WorkSource and providing them the job requirements and characteristics of the type of individual that would be a great fit for our business, we were able to find a perfect applicant for the position.”

When OAS wanted to hire another employee, they again contacted Donna. Knowing OAS’s desired qualifications and work environment, Donna screened candidates and identified a woman who enjoyed repairing laptop computers on the weekend, had great attention to detail (a key required skill) and was excited about the opportunity.

Donna arranged for the woman to intern at OAS and she was hired by the company to assemble components.

“WorkSource also had several programs that helped offset the cost of hiring a new employee, first an internship and then on-the-job training. The individual we hired has worked out great for our company and will be a significant contributor to our planned growth,” continued David.

In addition to referring job candidates, arranging internships and on-the-job training for new hires, Donna has assisted Olympic Aero with a variety of services, including developing job descriptions and requirements, job postings and screening staff.

With continued low unemployment, finding candidates will continue to be a challenge for many companies. WorkSource is a great local resource for you. Their business consultants can visit your location and develop an understanding of your company and your workforce needs, they’ll then develop customized strategies and provide services that job posting websites do not offer.

WorkSource has job candidates and the expertise to identify their skills that could be transferrable and valuable to your business. WorkSource will work with you to find potential job candidates and reimburse you, up to $5,000, for the trainee’s salary as they learn skills customized to your business. Your company may also qualify for tax credits for hiring certain job candidates, such as veterans.

Before you hire your next employee, contact WorkSource Business Services Consultant Donna Hughes at dhughes@esd.wa.gov or 360-578-4259.

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