Quality Jobs Initiative

Creating an equitable economic recovery

The Quality Jobs initiative is a commitment to designing and developing a regional approach with workers, employers, job seekers, community-based organizations, economic developers, and local municipalities to define, support and promote quality jobs.

We have launched this regional effort and are building a public/private coalition to advance an equitable economic recovery. We hope you will join us!

The Quality Jobs Initiative follows these guiding principles:

  • Prioritize advancing workforce equity.
  • Alignment with workforce programs and target customer supply.
  • Elevate partners/companies.
  • Provide a blueprint for companies who want to make improvements for their workforce.
  • Include all companies who express commitment to provide quality jobs.
  • Data driven – wage standards based on self-sufficiency standard and/or other best practices.

For this initiative, Quality Jobs are defined as having:

  1. Wages sufficient to cover basic living expenses, a stable/predictable income, and opportunities to build wealth/asset.
  2. Working conditions that are safe, free from discrimination and harassment, and have a process to engage with workers and their ideas for improvement.
  3. Stable/predictable work hours.
  4. A package of benefits that facilitate a healthy, stable life.
  5. Opportunity to build skills and advance in a career pathway.

Success Stories


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Learning from Others

As we and our partners in the Columbia-Willamette Workforce Collaborative explore what Quality Jobs could look like in our region, we are inspired by the work of cities and businesses across the country that are defining quality jobs and making them a reality.

In Baltimore, Good Business Works is partnering with employers to promote respectful and inclusive workplaces. In San Diego, the Workforce Partnership is working with job seekers to determine what a quality job means to them. They are partnering with businesses and advocating at the legislature to make more quality jobs available. In Louisville, businesses like Norton Healthcare and Universal Woods are leading the creation of quality jobs by investing in the long-term success of their employees.

In each of these cities, workforce boards, jobs seekers, and businesses are working together to define quality jobs. They are inspiring companies to succeed by investing in their employees and helping workers thrive.

Quality Jobs Blogs

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