Kathy AshleyStaff Accountant

    What was your first job? How did you get it or learn about it?

    My first job in high school was working as a waitress at a small diner. I got hired because my older sister had worked there. She had a reputation of being a great employee, so the owner was willing to give me a try. At this diner, it was commonplace to see people sitting at the lunch counter next to each other from all walks of life: blue collar workers, white collar workers, people with no job and people with all sorts of challenges. It was quite a learning experience. The work was physically and socially demanding, but I learned to interact with people who had all sorts of personalities and yet maintain my composure through any difficulties. It also taught me to be on time, to work hard and to be reliable.

    What do you like most about living in Southwest Washington?

    I enjoy living in SW Washington because of the natural beauty and moderate climate. When I am not at work, I love walking my dog and being Nana to my grandkids.

    What is your favorite inspirational quote?

    One of my favorite quotes is: Mercy triumphs over judgement. (St. James)

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