Apprenticeship Guide

Take your first step toward a sustainable long-term career. Explore the many apprenticeship opportunities offered throughout Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.

Why seek an apprenticeship?

In today’s uncertain employment market, people are looking for more than just a job. They are seeking engaging, fulfilling work that pays well and builds skills that will be needed long into the future. One of the best ways to invest in your own future is to apply for an apprenticeship. These full-time roles pair on-the-job training with part-time classroom instruction to set you up for success.

Why offer an apprenticeship?

More and more companies in a wide variety of fields—including construction, manufacturing, healthcare and technology—are recognizing the advantages of offering apprenticeships. Those who do see a significant return on their investment. According to one study, for each dollar invested in an apprenticeship, employers receive a benefit of $1.38. In addition, apprenticeships enable businesses to retain a skilled workforce.

Beneficial Workforce Programs

Train for a high-wage job

Apprentices often get paid $15-17 per hour to learn on the job. After your training, you’ll have strong earning power in a high-demand field.

Invest in your community

When you invest in our workforce development system, you are investing in the economic growth, education and stability of your entire community.

Choose your own path

Some apprenticeships take six years, while others take two. Each apprenticeship path will help you build the skills you need to break into your chosen field.

Find long-term employees

By cultivating skills in a new generation of employees, you will ensure that your business continues to thrive well into the future.

Gain paid on-the-job training and mentorship by pursuing an apprenticeship in your field of interest. 

Other Resources

Looking for additional apprenticeship opportunities?

Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries maintains a statewide online database of apprenticeship programs that is fully searchable.

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries also offers an online database of apprenticeship opportunities in that state.

Both of these resources offer a wealth of information, including apprenticeship descriptions, requirements, and contact information for interested applicants.

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